Really. They don’t even care at all. Why else would they only offer up a $100 discount to their Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab when the fabulous businesses like US Cellular who is doing a Valentine’s Day 2 for 1 deal, or Sprint who slashed their Tab down to a mere nubbin – $300! Clearly Canada plans on taking some of my stash of old Tabs that I requested upon the announcement of the new Tabs at Mobile World Congress.

I wanted my Tabs! That’s why I plan on blaming Canada for not receiving any Tabs when the time comes. I put in my request for a batch of Tabs when the announcement will inevitably be made that the new Tab will dominate the old one, and I’ve already got a theme song for it. Did you know that Robin Williams once sang this song at the Academy Awards? It was amazing!

Ohh! I found it!

[Via Mobile Syrup]


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