SONIC may by Sega’s biggest game franchise but the speedy hedgehog is not the only time-waster the company has.. Despite news of games and apps being pulled out from the Play Store, Sega is still alive and continues to introduce new games like Puzzle & Glory. It’s a new RPG that requires only simple strategies to achieve many possibilites in this match-3 puzzle game.

It’s both an RPG and a puzzle game alright but you really need to work hard and plan a winning strategy that will finally finish your enemies. All you need to do is assemble a team of heroes by recruiting and training them to become legendary characters that will help you combat the villains coming after your team.

You can choose to play alone or start a journey with your guildmates. This is no ordinary match-3 game because just when you think you’re alone, enemies can attack by starting a match-3 battle against you and your team. It’s up to you how you’ll lead your pack of legendary heroes in this one epic puzzle adventure.

Actually, game is really more of a puzzle game than an RPG but there are fantasy heroes you can collect to play, improve, and upgrade. Each one can work on his stats and improve his roles that may help the team in your adventure. When you know that your heroes are more powerful than ever, you can start a guild and try to finish whatever dangerous quests are presented to you in each level. You’ll soon get the chance to face the bosses that when you finish them, you can get rewards and treasures and earn more loot.

Journey through the deserts, dungeons, coasts, and deserts and try to defeat the warriors of Aetria– a place where there are lots of ancient mysteries and secrets to uncover. Game is free to downlad but in-app items are offered.

Download Puzzle & Glory from the Google Play Store