So you’ve got this device that cost you something like $600 or $700 dollars because you purchased it off contract. You love it so much that you’re just running around fist pumping one day when OH NO, you drop it. This is terrifying enough, but you realize the worst has happened – the display is broken! Don’t worry, you can fix it! Let’s speak with the good folks at DirectFix and see what they’ve got to say, shall we? It’s time for a bit of the ol’ breaking of and reparing of the ThunderBolt, ho!

ABOVE: a mightily broken Samsung Galaxy S II as busted by our good pal Vincent – find out the whole story on our Facebook page here!

What these folks do is first take a HTC ThunderBolt which has been essentially turned worthless via a broken glass screen. What they do is take the device apart piece by piece, starting with the basics on the back – the battery cover, battery, cards, and they move on to the screws. Once this is done, they pop off the screen, take everything apart, and literally take the glass and LCD display and remove it from the gear, leaving you with only the parts that are not broken, allowing you then to purchase and replace the broken bits!

This will be quite helpful for yours truly when I end up breaking the ThunderBolt. That is, if I were still using it. Sadly I’ve had to retire the phone to the drawer as it came time to move on – ironically to another HTC phone in the brand new dual-core sensation. You can read the full story on this epic change back in the post called HTC ThunderBolt Review [After Three Months of Daily Use] then head over to the HTC Sensation 4G Review on T-Mobile.

Also note that you’ll be able to find additional repair videos on DirectFix’s repair page, including such gems as all of the following, plus more!

Samsung Nexus S

Motorola DROID X