Have you ever dreamed of doing death-defying stunts while driving a truck? Well, of course you can’t do that in real life, unless you’re an actual stunt man/woman who has time and spare cash to crash and burn random trucks, not to mention build tracks and obstacle bridges. But if you’re not, then you probably have no choice but to look for a mobile game that can do this for you. Enter the latest game in the Bridge Constructor series called Stunts.

From its name of course you’d deduce that this game is all about making your trucks perform stunts on crazy bridges and ramps that you yourself will build. Of course the more insane the loops and swirls, the higher the points you get. And of course, you would not want your character to have a spectacular crash, so you need to have the truck survive the crazy stunt you’re pulling off.

You can collect stars, do flips and turns, and then save them so that you can share them with your friends and show off your difficulty level. Each level has different goals, like score a target or reach a specific point goal, or just collect stars. The fun really is in building these ramps, just like you would a regular Bridge Constructor game, and then drive your dump truck or delivery vans to perform the stunts. And if you cause a little destruction along the way, that’s better.

You can get either the free version or the paid version (it’s just $1.99) of Bridge Constructor Stunts from the Google Play Store. The paid version of course will not have any ads or in-app purchases anymore.