Boost Mobile has announced that it will be putting an additional $5 charge on the Android phones that people use on its network. The notification of the price increase was placed at the bottom of the details on the rewards program called the shrinkage plan that lowers the users rate after a certain amount of payments made on time.

Boost isn’t the first mobile carrier to add an additional fee to Android devices. Boost’s parent company with an unlimited data plan for the Android devices out there added a $10 monthly charge. If you are already, a Boost Mobile customer on an unlimited data plan at $60 per month you are grandfathered in without the extra $5 as long as you don’t let your account expire.

In fact, if you are thinking of getting an Android device on Boost you have until October 6 to get it with unlimited data without paying the extra $5. After that date, all upgrades will get the new charge as well. Boost Mobile is a pre-paid carrier that is starting to get some nice devices in.

[via Connected Planet]


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