Correct me if I’m wrong but, Boost Mobile will bring to the market the first pre-paid Android device.   Up until now every Android device we’ve seen has been tied to a carrier that doesn’t allow you to use it as a prepaid cell phone. Hopefully this device will be a success and we will start to see Android handsets available on more pre paid companies.

This device has a 3.1 inch screen, Android 1.5, a 600 MHz Freescale ARM11, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a 1400 mAh battery. There’s also 256 MB’s of RAM and 512 MB’s of ROM with a standard microSD slot. Swype is preinstalled and it has a 3.5mm jack, Flash Lite is rumored to be present as well.

The only downside, if you can call it that, is when you buy a pre paid phone you have to pay full price. This phone will cost you $349 and there is no subsidizing version. The good thing is you only pay for the minutes you need and there’s no contract tied to this handset. You can head to Best Buy right now and pick up this handset.

[via mobilecrunch]