Boomerang is an email management tool for Gmail users. In the past Boomerang has been available for those using Gmail on the web, however as of today those using Android now have an app available. The app has already landed in the Play Store and it is titled as follows; Boomerang — Best Gmail App. While we are not sure everyone will consider this the best Gmail app, having been fans of Boomerang in the past, it only seemed natural to move forward with an installation.

First and foremost, Boomerang offers features such as the ability to snooze an email. Other goodies include scheduling that email for later, response tracking and more. Despite using the Boomerang app as your mail app, you still have the features that you want and/or expect from Gmail. For example, you are still able to search for messages across all your Gmail folders and you still have access to all your labels.

The Boomerang app also integrates with the contacts app for auto-complete, has support for email signatures, the ability to view and include attachments, an infinite scrolling inbox and perhaps key for some — support for multiple accounts with the ability to switch between those accounts relatively quickly and easily.

Boomerang will work with Gmail and Google Apps email accounts and again, the key features are in management. When sitting in your inbox view a swipe to the right (on a message) will archive. A swipe to the left (on a message) will offer a variety of options to include archive, delete and boomerang as well as labels, mark as read and star. A tap of the boomerang option will then present a handful of new options.

Once here you will be able to “Boomerang this message” based on several criteria. You have an option for only if there is no response or to set the boomerang to return at a specific date and time. There are also several preset options to include tonight, tomorrow, in 2 days and more. Bottom line here, if you are a Gmail user and want a bit more control over your inbox — Boomerang may be worth checking out.


SOURCE: Boomerang for Gmail, Google Play Store