BLU just announced another Android phone that will impress those people hungry for super batteries. The brand is one of those OEMs that are always busy introducing new models in the US. The latest addition is the Energy JR that delivers three days of battery life. That’s very impressive for a simple and affordable smartphone because the average in the market today only lasts one whole day on a single charge. Of course, battery life will still depend on a person’s usage. You see, even if a device can last 72 hours but if a person uses it non-stop and runs several battery-draining apps, battery will not last.

The BLU Energy JR is a low-specced phone but it does the job of surviving longer than usual. It comes equipped with a small 4-inch display screen. Pixel resolution is only 480 x 800. There’s with a very little built-in storage of 512MB but good thing there is a microSD card slot for memory expansion. Other specs includes 256GB RAM, WiFi, 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6571 processor, a 3.2MP rear camera with LED flash, VGA front-facing camera, and a 3000mAh battery.

If you think that the BLU Energy JR’s design is a bit similar is because it does remind you of an old Galaxy Note 3, at least just the back panel with faux leather material. It brings a classy and stylish design, making the smartphone look expensive when it’s really very budget-friendly. BLU Energy JR is available in black or white color variants.

Amazon currently lists the BLU Energy JR with an unbelievable price tag–hear this: $39. That’s super affordable. You can’t go wrong with this sub fifty-dollar smartphone that already comes with a super battery.

VIA: PhoneArena