No one can deny that BlackBerry is in hot water. That is, no one except BlackBerry itself. In an open letter to customers and partners published in 30 news outlets in 9 countries, the Canada-based company is basically coming out to say that it’s fine and financially stable.

BlackBerry admits that it has been the subject of many headlines recently, most, if not at all, quite unflattering. Sales of its new BlackBerry 10 devices have performed quite poorly. Its BlackBerry Messenger app for Android and iOS has been delayed almost indefinitely. Rumors abound regarding the company’s plans to sell itself or parts of itself. Despite all these, BlackBerry is claiming that it is doing just fine.

In order to dispel what it calls “noise and confusion”, BlackBerry put out a letter reassuring its remaining believers and fans, not to mention investors, that everything is alright and that the company is here to stay. Despite having to lay off a third of its workforce, it claims it has substantial cash in its balance sheet and no debt. Furthermore, BlackBerry has many strong businesses, ranging from security to device management to mobile messaging platform, with around 6 million Android and iPhone users eagerly awaiting the BBM app.

On that note, BlackBerry says that the app, which was delayed because of, according to the company, the huge popularity of the service and the leakage of a pre-release version, will be launching in “within days”. Whether those days range in single, double, or triple digits is still left to be seen. The question now is whether it will still matter at all.

SOURCE: Reuters


  1. I’m very curious to see how BBM works on my Android Phone, that’s why I’m eagerly waiting for it. I think that BB didn’t behave well. I’m almost sure that the famigerate “leaked release” was a mere invention of them, I mean that they had it leaked on purpose, just to see how it worked. Once they understood BBM didn’t come up to their expectations, they made up the fairytale of the “leaked version”. But this time they must be very very careful and hope to roll out an app perfectly working. If BBM will turn out to be a failure, many people will turn their back on them forever. This time, I have confidence in them!


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