If you think that tech company BitTorrent is just known for revolutionizing the (not-so-legal) way we share large files, then they are out to prove you wrong. A few months ago, they launched the testing of a messaging app that they’ve created, and now, after working out the feedback they’ve received, they are now opening up Bleep Alpha to the public, particularly the Android users. But what will make it different from the glut of messaging apps that have flooded the market?

Bleep claims that it is one of the most secure ways of exchanging messages and information as it uses a decentralized technology, the same way that is being utilized by the torrent and the other project they’re working on, a cloud-based storage system called BitTorrent Sync. In exchanging messages between two peers, the data doesn’t pass through a server, but through a direct, decentralized communication line that is encrypted for privacy and security.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you just sign up with either your mobile number or email address. You also have the option of going “incognito”, meaning you don’t need to give any Personally Identifiable Information. You invite friends to be on the service and to add you to their list through email, SMS, QR code or a public key that you can share on your social networks. At present, you are only able to send texts and make voice calls, but they are working on adding more features in the future.


They are honest to users that since it’s Alpha mode for now, there are still some glitches like sent messages not syncing across all devices or not being able to move an existing account from Android to the desktop (although you can do vice versa). If you think you need to try another new messaging app and you don’t mind those glitches (which they are working on correcting), you can download Bleep from BitTorrent directly or through the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: BitTorrent