Finally, the Bitly app is now available for Android. You’ve probably been waiting for this one because it allows easier and a more organized way for link management. It’s something you will find useful because Bitly has always been known to be reliable. The app for Android is said to be lightweight so you can easily create and control links even when mobile.

You only need a few taps to finish the task of making content and sharing the links in no time. Bitlinks can be done directly on the browser. You can also make Bitlinks right from Twitter or Facebook. All you need to do is mark or highlight a particular URL to copy.

Bitly helps you to streamline workflow. Copying links to share can be customized first. Link details can be viewed with short press while a long press will let you share/copy a link to clipboard. Link performance can also be analyzed now with the in-app performance summary that will be provided. You don’t have to open a mobile browser for you to view information or metrics because you can access clicks and location-based metrics over time.

Before the Android version, there’s the iOS version of Bitly. We’re assuming the iOS app will be updated soon and complete with the recent changes added to Android.

Download Bitly from the Google Play Store