We already know that Gingerbread will have NFC tech support opening up some cool and interesting possibilities for new features on coming Android devices. We have a couple rumors that are dovetailing in with NFC that we should see more info on this week. One of the rumors is that Gingerbread is coming today or tomorrow.

Since Gingerbread has NFC support as I said, that fits nicely in with the rumors that circulated before that Notion Ink had some secret hardware addition to its Adam tablet. Take that secret hardware rumor and tie it in with the Notion Ink tease recently for “a big day for Android” on December 6 and we start to get a picture of what might go down.

We are thinking that the secret hardware feature of the Adam is NFC compatibility and that Android 2.3 will land on the 6th, which is today if it’s still too early for your brain to work. We should get more details soon and see if our thoughts turn out to be accurate.


  1. I am having a hard time seeing what would be good about NFC… we essentially have Accessories and such available by Bluetooth.. which is a kinda NEAR FIELD Comm. And I don’t imaging using my ADAM (my ADAM…MINE!!!) o play for gas or buys some milk…

    So what gives and why should I care?


  2. No, but could you imagine using your Adam as your own POS terminal if, say, you were an artist in a stall at an art fair (for example). NFC — ddepending on how it is done — can work a variety of ways. I could see a tablet app that does POS for NFC-enabled phones that double as transaction devices.

    Probably more the longer I think on it, this was just off the cuff.


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