For those Android users who are not familiar with BlackBerry’s BES12, it’s an enterprise mobility solution that can be used in businesses and workplaces. This platform brings BES5 and BES10 in one place for easier mobile management. It’s a paid program that’s being used by some companies since the latter part of 2014. A few months later, the Canadian smartphone pioneer updates BES 12 with support for Android Work and Samsung KNOX.

This development somehow proves that BlackBerry has been working with Samsung and the Android team more closely than ever. We learned that the South Korean giant was reportedly teaming up with BlackBerry for an Android smartphone and that BlackBerry might finally use Android OS on new devices. We’re still anticipating for the BlackBerry-manufactured Android-running phone but that might take a while. Related domains have been purchased already so there really is a possibility that one is already in the works but we have to wait for now.

This enhanced BES12 is the closest we have to experience the three working together. The trio: BlackBerry, Samsung, and Google–seems like a perfect parnership but this new enterprise solution still needs to prove itself. It can be very useful and convenient as the BES12 allows anyone to manage enterprise mobility more efficiently and securely. This works across most mobile OS like Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and BlackBerry. This is mainly used to keep employees’ data safe, secure, and confidential in Android 5.0 Lollipop-powered devices.

BES12 command and control center

How does BES12 work?

BES12 takes advantage of a powerful architecture that can secure and deploy a large number of mobile devices whether provided by the employee or corporate owned. With BES12, the group responsible for managing the devices, apps, and data of all company phones, can make sure that the units are all secure and kept private. Since BlackBerry is well-known and trusted for mobile security, this one is a great choice especially for Android devices that are susceptible to being hacked or compromised.

With BES12, both Google and BlackBerry aim to bring new standards in the enterprise mobile security for companies, brands, and organizations that are deploying Android devices. It may be a while before we see an actual Android-powered BlackBerry devices but for now, let’s try this “BlackBerry-powered Android device” made possible by BES12.

More information will be released by BlackBerry and Android. Feel free to sign up to learn more.

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