Today we learned of an awesome new Bluetooth speaker option announced at CES is available starting today, and if you love portable speakers it’s worth a quick look. Meet the Bem Speaker Trio. This unique Bluetooth speaker option allows you to blast your tunes in the living room, then bring the music with you to multiple rooms and even the garage all simultaneously. All this works completely without wires too, so bring on the Google Music.

Essentially all three speakers can be placed throughout the house in your spot or room of choice, and offer a 120 ft range of quality streaming music. For extra boom leave them all nicely placed on the conductive charging base and enjoy your music with even fuller sound. If you’re having a party just place them throughout the house, leave one by the pool, or even in the bathroom. The options are endless.

The base does all the handy work and emits the Bluetooth audio coming from your Android phone, iPod, iPhone, etc. Audio plays with Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio in. Then the base also features wireless conductive charging. Once you’ve enjoyed music for around the products 6 hour play time, simply return the speakers to the base for a quick charge.

Each speaker measures in at 6×6 for a portable and compact cube design, and has an elegant finish in black or white. We know you white Galaxy S III owners want to match. The bottom of each speaker base also has a nice LED that will glow while in use, report battery stats, and confirm when charging is complete. They feature a soft touch finish and touch sensitive buttons for ease of use. We can’t comment on sound quality but the design and elegance of the product sure looks good so far. Give them a go today for $299, they’re available right this moment.

[via SlashGear]