The smart home industry became more popular this year. It’s not exactly bigger because we can’t consider it a standard yet but we’re glad that more companies and consumers are learning to adopt the technology. One of the first few brands to venture into such is Belkin and this time, it’s taking advantage of Google Home and Google Assistant. This means Wemo will now work with Google Home so anyone can just give voice commands to control a smart household.

Wemo switches on Google Home allows hands-free control of any smart device inside the home from lights to electronics to fans and other appliances. There may only be a few smart home things but at least we know integration is possible with Wemo and Google Home. Before, you only have your smartphone to control Wemo but now, there’s Google Home powered by Google Assistant.

Using Wemo is easy already and with Google Home integration, it becomes easier because you only need voice control. Your full smart home experience is somehow achievable with Belkin’s partnership with Google.

The voice-activated speaker features the Google Assistant for its artificial intelligence. It can stream your favorite songs, search Google, and control your other smart home products. The Wemo technology is already popular and its partnership with Google is expected to improve the smart home game.

Wemo with Google Home will be ready this December. Just update the Google Home app and the Wemo firmware for them to start working together. You can also add more Wemo products to your home setup and see to it that they are ready for Google Home.