You can call these Beats by Dr. Dre or by HTC now that HTC owns the majority of the company. What we are seeing today is a brand new Beats Audio headphone with bluetooth wireless capabilities and more. Dubbed as Beats Wireless, it appears they are about to get a nice upgrade just in time for the holiday season.

The new Beats Wireless have just hit the FCC and we are learning it has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. These headphones use Bluetooth and can be used as both headphones and a headset for calls. With plenty of controls on the top right earpiece for both music and call controls. With play, pause, volume up down and more all easily accessed.

From the looks of things these are wireless headphones for mobile use. Now that HTC has acquired Beats Audio we are hoping to see these work wonderfully with new upcoming phones by HTC such as the Sensation 2 or HTC Runnymede. The new Beats Wireless will feature a rechargeable battery built in rather than sucking down AAA batteries all the time. Being able to use these as both headphones, and a headset for voice calls sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.

Hopefully Beats and HTC will be announcing more details shortly.

[via SlashGear]