Monitoring the weather in various places is sometimes a necessity for some people like frequent travelers, people who have clients all over the world, or those that have loved ones scattered all over the globe. Yes, you can always check it on Google or your smartphone’s native weather app, but you’d like to have an easier, not to mention more visually pleasing, way to do that right? Two weather apps, companions actually, can do that for you.

The purpose of Weatheroux⁺ is simple enough: a simple and intuitive way to keep track of weather conditions in various places all over the world. You can manually choose which countries and cities to add to your list. There is a lot of information included, but the way it’s designed is minimalist and easy to understand. It tells you the temperature, humidity, amount of rainfall, etc, and even gives you a bit of advice like bring an umbrella or go for a swim. The colors will supposedly match the weather conditions and the latest update to the app brings the Material Design visual guidelines so it looks neater and prettier.

Meanwhile, Weatheroux² is the sequel to the aforementioned app, and has even more information packed into it, and you can turn it into a customizable widget. You can see the nowcast (current weather), latercasts (future weather) and forecasts (well, self explanatory) as well as highest and lowest temperatures of the day, wind speed, pressure, and humidity. The design is simple and minimalist as well.

You can download Weatheroux⁺ and Weatheroux² from the Google Play Store for free. To get the full version without ads, you just need to pay a one-time in-app purchase of $0.99.

SOURCE: XDA Developers