When you think portable speaker, you probably have an idea of a small box or spherical object which you can just stick in your bag and bring out whenever and wherever you want to give you a bit of amplified sound from your connected device. But SOUNDBOKS (yes, that’s all caps really) maybe has to rethink its positioning as a portable speaker. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in terms of quality, durability, and power.

This speaker is actually on a Kickstarter campaign, and it is positing itself as the “loudest battery-powered speaker”. At 119 decibels of power, you can actually bring it to a festival or street party and it will be able to bring the sound to a huge crowd or venue. It even claims it is twice as loud as the speakers at an actual night club. You can connect your device to it either through Bluetooth or the usual AUX input standard.


The SOUNDBOKS is also meant to be taken to a lot of places that you don’t normally take speakers to. So it is understandably durable and is resistant to water, dust, snow, shock, and extreme temperatures. The speaker will also last an average of 30 hours and if you want it to last a little while longer, put it to a medium level and watch it last until 100 hours. But if you want to go full blast on the volume, it will only last for 8 hours before you have to plug it in.


A lot of people probably want the SOUNDBOKS, despite its size, since the campaign has already tripled its goal of $100,000. It will retail at around $699, but if you avail of their Kickstarter package, you can just pay either $499 or $459. Expected start of shipment is already next month.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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