As early as now, you will be asked to take sides. Do you go with the light or the dark? Do you choose good or evil? Would you want to have a robot-shaped speakers or a helmet one? Yes, these are hard choices you must make padawan. The R2-D2 Bluetooth speaker will be coming soon as well, but for now, to try and tempt you over to the Imperial Army side with the Star Wars Stormtrooper speakers from The Fowndry.

Aside from the fact that you’ll have a cool-looking device on your desk (whether you’re a Light side or Dark side kind of person you have to admit it’s nifty), you’ll of course have a hopefully nice sounding Bluetooth speaker. It has a single 5W speaker and uses a 400mAh lithium battery. The 4.13 x 4.66 x 5-inch speaker (which is obviously smaller than an actual Stormtrooper helmet) that weighs just a little over a pound, also has an LED indicator light, Bluetooth control buttons, and a simple toggle on/off switch.


You’ll be able to charge the speaker through a USB. And of course you don’t want your helmet speaker sliding off your table and destroying itself in the process (unless that’s your Jedi revenge on the army) so it has rubberized feet to keep it safe. The speaker is located in the area where the eye visors should be. The Fowndry says that quality-wise, it has “enough aural firepower to disturb The Force.”


The Stormtrooper helmet speaker is now available for pre-order and will be in the market by mid-October. It will cost you £39.99 (about $62 USD) and can also be delivered outside of the UK, but with a shipping fee.

VIA: SlashGear