Remaining fans and users of BlackBerry‘s messaging service might not have to wait much longer as the BBM app for Android slowly makes its way into the hands of beta testers. One such tester even uploaded a video demonstrating the look and feel of the app.

Some might says it’s too little too late for BlackBerry to make any substantial dent in the market. But that has not fazed the company from trying to push out its BBM service to a larger audience by providing a BBM app for Android to attract new users. But the app is still nowhere in sight, months after the rumored release.

News about the app came back to life last week, when a leaked video revealed BlackBerry’s marketing efforts to spread word about BBM for Android in other markets such as South Africa. A landing page has also showed up on BlackBerry’s site, suggesting that the announcement will be happening real soon. Word has gotten out that users who signed up for the beta testing program have received copies of the app, which can be seen in action in the video below.

Old BBM users will be familiar with the interface, while new users might be wondering what it is really all about. With BlackBerry reported to be mulling over splitting itself and selling off its various parts, what we could be seeing is instead the birth of an independent messaging service like Viber and WhatsApp.

SOURCE: BlackBerryOS
VIA: CrackBerry