It’s been a long time coming and, unfortunately, it still coming, but maybe sooner now, as a leaked video spot would have us believe. The much fabled and probably still awaited BlackBerry Messenger will be coming soon to Android, but first on Samsung‘s line of Galaxy smartphones.

The story of a BBM app for Android has been going on for quite some time now, or maybe even longer, back when people were clamoring to support the still-popular BlackBerry smartphones. Back in June, there was already talk of the BBM finally hitting Google’s Play Store, with a rumored launch date set at June 27. That date has come and gone with nothing in sight except for a fake BBM app that sought to capitalize on the hype.

Around the start of August, Samsung has confirmed that the app will indeed be coming to Android. But it also added that it will be in its own Samsung Apps as part of its Messaging Hub on its Android-powered Galaxy devices. Word is that Samsung is starting to work on its advertising campaign for the new feature, starting with a silent video below.

There’s still no clue on when BBM will finally hit Samsung Apps or Play Store. Will it still make a splash in the mobile world as an embattled BlackBerry would have hoped? Or will it just make it easier for BlackBerry users to migrate to Android as they no longer have to give up one of BlackBerry’s killer features?

VIA: CrackBerry