The ultimate Baseball game for all you Android fans is back and better than ever. Gamevil’s popular series Baseball Superstars 2013 has just been released to the Google Play Store, and as usual is a free and awesome app. Their first two releases have been downloaded over 45 million times and this is surely another classic for America’s favorite game.

Time to test your Babe Ruth skills and knock a few homeruns into the upper deck with Baseball Superstars 2013. This time around they’ve done a whole lot to offer an all new and improved experience too. For those who’ve played their previous games you know they can be addicting, and we have a feeling this will be just the same or worse. Get ready to play countless hours of Superstar 2013.

It launched recently but was exclusive to South Korea, but now it’s available for free for most countries with tons of language options and more. Superstars 2013 offers a brand new and improved experience for all you gamers. We now have vibrant HD graphics taking advantage of multiple screen sizes and resolution, tons of new challenges and an awesome reward system, improved touch-intuitive batting and pitching systems, as well as a competitive and challenging multiplayer and PvP mode.

Sadly the smart batting tilt-to-aim feature from last year seems to be gone, but that’s been replaced by touch controls. I preferred the old method personally. Overall all the updates, rewards, and RPG style gaming makes this an awesome game for multiple users. Baseball fans and Android gamers of all types can enjoy Baseball Superstars 2013. Give this free game a try today by picking it up at the Google Play Store.