Taking advantage of the Camera2 API from Android is this new app called the AZ Camera. This one brings Manual Focus, RAW format, Manual Shutter Speed, Manual White Balance, Exposure Compensation, and Manual ISO features to whatever smartphone you are using. This particular app brings these impressive features not only to your rear camera but also the front-facing camera you usually use for selfies.

The free camera app supports the new API and boasts of a well-designed user interface. You’ll see a rotating wheel that gives the feeling of using a DSLR camera. It’s like having a real professional camera where you can adjust the controls and settings to capture a great photo. You can save the images in different resolutions depending on how you want to use them.

AZ Camera allows you to do many things you can’t normally do using an ordinary smartphone camera app. With this, you can now adjust countdown timer, pinch to zoom, turn flash on or off, toggle grid on/off, enable or disable shutter sound, and use geo-tagging.

Camera2 APIs are available on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Make sure you have them installed before downloading this Camera – Manual Pro Cam app.

Download AZ Camera – Manual Pro Cam from the Google Play Store