Avast! one of the most popular and widely used anti-malware program for Windows will be releasing for Android soon. This app will help secure your device safely and if you’re a rooted user, you’ll be granted extra features. Avast recently announced that the app for Android was in the works but the surprise is they will be allowing those extra features for those that root.

Avast’s own Chief Technical Officer Ondrej Vlcek said, “rooted phones are more prone to certain kinds of attacks […] We consider people with rooted phones high-risk users, and so they need more security“. This may or may not be accurate and even though I understand his view, many rooted users tend to know what they are doing and are pretty careful. Then you do have those newbies that need the extra protection i guess.

The Android app will include VPN access allowing users safe access to the internet using insecure public Wifi networks, the company’s antivirus engine, anti-theft and phone tracking, as well as parental locks. No pricing or release date has been set or mentioned, and we still don’t know what advanced features rooted users will gain access to. More details should emerge shortly and we will update when we hear more.

[via Makeuseof]