So Niantic has been cracking down on cheaters on its hit augmented reality game Pokemon Go, and one of the hottest topics now is that with the new update, Niantic has booted out users of rooted Android phones (as well as jailbroken iOS devices). That led to people using an app called “Magisk” to spoof Niantic’s usage of SafetyNet to weed out users of rooted devices. But using Magisk means toggling root access now and again when you want to play the game, so of course, the sense for this new “AutoMagisk” app came out.

What AutoMagisk actually does is that it gives you the ability to toggle root automatically based on certain conditions. You can now whitelist an app, like Pokemon GO or Android Pay, and when you run these apps, AutoMagisk automatically “disables” root. That way, you won’t get booted out of Pokemon Go when you start playing. Launch a different app, and AutoMagisk re-enable root access.

Another cute feature is that AutoMagisk also has a setting to hide the root status when a device’s screen is off. This way, you can use Android Pay straight from a locked device. Pretty neat, yes?

Of course, this is until Niantic brings the changes again and Android users will have to adjust again to keep using the game and keep root at the same time. Oh well, here’s to that battle raging on.

SOURCE: Reddit