Professionals that have to design things with CAD software will recognize the Autodesk name right away. The company has a desktop software program called Autodesk SketchBook Pro that has been around for a while that allows the user to make sketches and produce artwork digitally. The software can be used for all sorts of professional tasks like early sketches for new products and beyond.

If you make frequent use of the SketchBook Pro software on your desktop computer, you will be excited to hear that Autodesk has unveiled a new mobile version of the application for Android users called SketchBook Mobile for Android. The app is a pro level paint and drawing application that has full sketching tools.

It supports a gesture-based interface and has a bunch of different digital pencils, pens, markers, and air brushes so the user can capture artwork and concepts on the go rather than having to use a napkin or paper. The full mobile app is available right now for $2.99 and an Express version is offered for free. All devices running Android 2.1 an up can run the app.


  1. The link in the Android Marketplace leads to the Autodesk homepage. It is useless. I can find no way to get to an Android download for Sketchbook, paid or not.
    There isn’t even a link on the Autodesk page to tell them about this.
    I don’t think I’ll be buying any Autodesk products for more than $1.99 if this is how they support them.


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