A new app has hit Google Play called AutoData that promises to turn your data connection on and off on preset intervals. The point of the app seems to be aimed at saving power by turning off the data modem and saving data by keeping apps from using your data allowance constantly.

AutoData launched on September 14 and is in version 2.0.0 right now. It is 1.1MB in size and Google Play says that it has 5-10 installs right now. The app requires Android 4.0 or higher to operate.

The app has no ads and is free to download. An SD card is required for the app to function properly. The main feature of the app is that it will turn off mobile data connectivity ten minutes after the screen of the phone turns off.

Mobile data will be turned back on every 15 minutes for 1 minute to allow the user to get notifications from apps running on their device. How much time mobile data stays on with the app and the user can control how often the data power is restored in the app settings.

SOURCE: Google Play