Owners of the new HTC One (M8) on AT&T have hit a snag when it comes to the free Drive storage. Each new handset arrives with 50GB of Google Drive storage, which users are prompted to take advantage of just after startup. Those with AT&T aren’t able to, which HTC notes is a bug they’re working on.

Saying the issue is a “minor technical error”, HTC hopes to have it fixed by the middle of next month. What the problem is, they didn’t say. What they did offer was an apology, and a promise to fix it:

Dear HTC Customers and Enthusiasts,

A minor technical error has temporarily deactivated the Google Drive cloud storage offer for the AT&T HTC One (M8). Please be aware that we are working to fix this error, and the 50GB of Google Drive storage space will be available by Mid-May for this device.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you are enjoying your new HTC One (M8).

The Drive offer is available on other carrier devices, so this is clearly an AT&T issue. Our Verizon handset was fine, and no other carrier issues have arisen. The offer won’t go away any time soon, though — you can redeem it any time before January 1, 2016.

When the issue is fixed, AT&T customers should get into the Drive app, then select “Product Tour”. From there, scroll through the various screens, which tell you how to use Drive. Your last screen is the redemption page, which gives you your free Drive storage. Keep in mind that the free Drive storage is good for two years — not forever.

Source: HTC