It has been more than two months since the update was accidentally discovered, but now it’s official. Owners of the LG Optimus G Pro are now getting their Android 4.4 update, bringing the early 2013 device a bit closer to its successor, the LG G Pro 2.

The happy accident that led to the leak of an Android 4.4 image for the device happened early March, when a device sent in for repair returned with an Android version from the future. LG hasn’t actually formally acknowledged or hinted at an upcoming update, so this was a very welcome surprise that other owners were likely waiting for since that day. Now AT&T is formally confirming that by rolling out the update to all users.

The list of changes for Android 4.4 is probably old news by now, including redesigned status and navigation bars, cloud printing support, fullscreen immersive mode, and improved performance and battery life. Not all changes are good, however, as some affect the way apps, and by extension you, can access files on external storage like micro SD cards. Some manufacturers have implemented workarounds to this new Android 4.4 limitation, but some have stuck to Google’s example.

The firmware update should now be rolling out to users, who will be notified about it when it arrives. If you do own such a device, do note that you can only postpone the update up to three times. After that, the update will automatically download and install whether you like to or not.