We’re not sure how many people out there still depend on their cable TV subscription but in our household, we decided to cut it already. There’s no point in having one because there’s the Internet already. Smart TVs make it possible for consumers to access the web right on their televisions. AT&T is taking advantage of this by launching new video streaming services namely FreeVIEW, Fullscreen, and DIRECTV NOW.

All three are being offered in the United States, allowing people to stream video content anytime. With any of the service you’re signing up for, your TV will have access to more videos, channels, movies, and TV shows. In the US, there are millions already who have ditched and cut the cord already. AT&T’s service offerings deliver freedom to people, as well, as, premium value content. What’s good about this is that they can use the access to watch right on a smartphone or tablet even when mobile.

AT&T believes the future of TV is NOW and we agree because anyone can just watch from anytime, anywhere with the new streaming services. No need to rush home or set the DVR because you can watch any TV show or movie on demand. AT&T Entertainment Group’s CEO John Stankey said that the company’s “customer-centric offers show that mobility and entertainment are better together”.

Register for Fullscreen or DIRECTV NOW to start streaming. Download the app and start watching TV on your mobile device. Here’s a rundown of the prices:

• Live a Little – $35/ month (60+ channels)
• Just Right – $50/ month (80+ channels)
• Go Big – $60/ month (100+ channels)
• Gotta Have it – $70 / month (120+ channels)
• HBO and Cinemax – another $5/ month

Here are some gadgets supported: Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, Android mobile devices and tablets, LeEco ecotvs and VIZIO SmartCast Displays, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome web browsers.