The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II has only been out a few short weeks, but we have already started seeing a few leaks appear for the smartphone. Samsung was quick to release the source code for the AT&T variant and now it seems a firmware update is in the works and has already been leaked, more details below.

The Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T is as close to the original as possible and a great smartphone, you can see our full review here. While initially there aren’t many bugs that need immediate attention as usual there are a few minor kinks that need worked out, and Samsung is already hard at work we are happy to say. The current build shipping with the phone is UCKH7 but we now have a newer build titled UCKJ1 but we are still sifting through the details.

According to our sources over at RootzWiki the leaked firmware brings about a few improvements, but also adds an issue or two. Samsung has smoothed out the homescreen lag some were experiencing and improved it in general, they’ve also fixed a lockscreen bug. We are hearing that the new firmware causes the home button to lose haptic feedback (vibrate) though so we aren’t sure what that is about. One new feature is the Android 2.3 overscroll glow effect has now been added, neat huh?

With any sort of leak like this you can flash it but at your own risk, we hold no liability and only bring you the news. All the details and download can be found on RootzWiki thanks to designgears.

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