With the announcement of the Samsung’s new Galaxy Note III, it would seem almost unusual that the Galaxy Note II from AT&T would be receiving a large-ish update today. But users of Samsung‘s current S Pen phablet shouldn’t be rejoicing just yes, as this update seems to contain nothing significant.

The Galaxy Note II is just a year old, but as far as current mobile trends go, it’s just about on its way out. Especially with the announcement of a successor, the chances of the older model receiving updates or new features are quite slim. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that AT&T would be rolling out a large, in terms of file size, update over the air to its Galaxy Note II customers.

But as they say, looks can be deceiving. The 165 MB update apparently doesn’t include anything new or anything that immediately looks important. The Galaxy Note II will still remain on Android 4.1 and the release notes only mention updates to Google apps and AT&T’s own preloaded software.

Still, the update could contain small fixes or improvements here and there, or maybe some hidden gems (or problems) that we don’t know about yet. If you’re an owner of such a device from AT&T, you could either wait for the update notification to hit your device, or manually check via Software Updates. The usual backup precautions apply to updates this big, even if seemingly unimportant.

VIA: Android Police