The fine folks at AT&T have stated that the problems many customers have been experiencing this morning (August 4th, 2011), indeed were on part of the network itself and that said problems would be repaired soon. Customers using the AT&T network have had voice service outages Thursday morning, says AT&T, because of a routine set of maintenance activities. Earlier in the day AT&T also sent out a statement that they were having trouble with their 3G voice network specifically in Long Island.

AT&T does indeed state that they have or will be soon fixing a problem which has caused voice disruption in three New York City boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhatten, plus their cool neighbor Long Island again, earlier in the day. While the problem has been being fixed, customers have been moved down the scale to AT&T’s slightly less awesome 2G network. Meanwhile, those tapping away on their brand new HTC Status devices have been rather frustrated in that they cannot update their status in 5 seconds instead of 10, if you know what I mean.

For those of you thinking of switching to or staying on the AT&T network, we’ve got a couple of sweet reviews for Android devices coming out or already released for purchase there. First is the aforementioned HTC Status, aka the ChaCha, this being one of HTC’s Facebook phones with a dedicated physical Facebook button on the front facade. Next is the LG THRILL 4G, a device which will not only allow you the ability to capture 3D video and photos, but will show you their awesome 3D nature without the aid of 3D glasses.

Now let’s hope for some better connectedness in the 5 boroughs, shall we?

[via Rueters]