Today AT&T and Alltel announced the plan to swap some more network spectrum in a deal that will net AT&T about 600,000 wireless customers and cost $780 million. AT&T is continuing their efforts to expand and increase their 4G LTE network and rollout, and this is just one of many steps they’ll be taking in 2013.

The deal isn’t for all of Alltel and instead just a select piece of their wireless holdings throughout large rural areas in 6 states. Those being Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina. The deal will see around 585,000 customers moved to AT&T, but as an end result they’ll be able to continue their expansion of 4G LTE with tons of new spectrum to work with.

We’re being told this is an all-cash transaction and Alltel’s CEO Michael Prior states this will be a good thing for those customers. They’ll have access to AT&T’s growing 4G LTE network and fast array of smartphone options moving forward. Go big AT&T. Go big!

For those unaware, in the past Verizon tried to snatch up all of Alltel and the FCC limited their grab, AT&T’s been snatching up pieces here and there as fast as they can to continue to add to their network. This is certainly a good start for AT&T in 2013. They made several purchases of spectrum last year from Comcast, NextWave, and other wireless spectrum options and look to continue that trend into 2013. They’re still behind Verizon in the LTE race but things are ramping up quickly.

[via BW]