Motorola is poised to offer it’s first OTA update to the Motorola Atrix. Unfortunately, it won’t address the main gripes Atrix users are grumbling about … namely voice quality and the lack of HSUPA support. Motorola says they’re still working on this fixes for a future OTA update, and that omitting them in this OTA was a “tough decision.” There’s no real word on what will be in the change log just yet, but it’s release, in beta form, will come Friday at 12pm EST, and users can sign up to test it here.

The issue of voice quality in calls has dogged the Atrix from the get go. Users have been complaining of poor voice quality on phone calls, and especially with VOIP calls in Motorola’s forums. Motorola was quick to recognize the issue and is working to create a fix. Meanwhile, users are encouraged to go to this forum and offer details as to their call quality issues.

The other beef is a lack of high speed HSUPA support. And while the Atrix supports the 4G standard, we reported that AT&T seems to be the culprit here as Ma Bell is reported to have throttled uploads via HSUPA for the time being. In a written response, AT&T claims they are currently testing the standard for 4G use and that HSUPA will be disabled until the testing is complete and ready for release. So while Motorola is working hard to solve the voice quality issue, it may be that they have their hands tied until the Death Star decides 4G uploads are ready to be offered.

[via Android Police]