ASUS recently introduced the ZenPower Max Power Bank. It’s a new power pack perfect for those always on-the-go and are always running out of battery. This ZenPower product is not just for the smartphone. With the 28,600mAh battery capacity, it’s good enough for laptops. You see, it’s not just for any other smartphones or notebooks as it is powerful enough to charge your notebook computers and other devices.

The ZenPower Max Power Bank is one massive power source for people always moving. It used to be power banks for the smartphones but now, people are demanding for an extra battery for their laptops or tablets. And since such devices have bigger batteries, the extra batt must be equally powerful.

This isn’t the first ZenPower item ASUS is rolling out. There’s already the 9,600mAh ZenPower and the 10,050mAh ZenPower Pro and ZenPower Combo. Earlier this year, there’s also the 20,100mAh ZenPower Ultra. The new ASUS ZenPower Max is the ultimate power bank in the market today until a better one comes along.

The ZenPower Max can juice up your smartphones, laptops, and tablets at the same time. Come to think of it, it’s like having your own personal power compact power generator because you can simultaneously charge several devices. Interestingly, it’s smaller than the older models so you know ASUS really worked hard on this. It’s very compact even if battery capacity is impressively huge. It’s not only big. The power bank also charges fast, thanks to the two Quick Charge 2.0 USB ports. It can charge a full battery laptop within 5.5 hours.

The ASUS ZenPower Max can also work as a 12-hour LED flashlight should you need some light in the dark. Don’t think the power bank will cost you an arm and leg. All these benefits, you can avail for only $158 (1,054 Yuan or $4,990 New Taiwan Dollars).