The all powerful ASUS Transformer Prime quad-core tablet that seems to be sold out just about everywhere these days is apparently getting a little over the air (OTA) software update today that should make a few users plenty happy. One important note is fixes for GPS, although the bootloader is another story.

The update will bring the Prime to build v8.8.3.33 and upon rebooting you’ll get another update specifically for the camera on the Prime — which is among the best for tablets. The update is said to fix the usual bugs and performance issues but also GPS and improve the cameras performance dramatically. Here’s the changelog:

The cameras performance and auto focus should be improved and the entire devices touch input and controls have also received a small tweak. Some are reporting that this update has locked the bootloader with the 128-bit encryption we mentioned earlier today but that was actually already in place. This could potentially break the root methods currently being used so be sure and proceed with caution or hit XDA if you’re the hacking and modding type.

We received our own Prime for review last month and loved it, not to mention didn’t seem to have GPS or WiFi issues. Either way we are glad to see ASUS updating so fast and can’t wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to hit this awesome and powerful slate soon. Feel free to check for updates and give them a go. Drop us a comment should you have any issues or notice anything new.

[device id=1934]

[via XDA]


  1. I used check for update under settings and got notification. Update completed but I see no difference. Also the the MyZine Widget was not removed as stated in the change log. How do I confirm the update actually applied ?  Checking for update now says no updates available.

      • I have a new GPS version and it also added a Touch Panel Version heading so the update applied.  I never got a camera update prompt like others are stating they got but I compared my camera version to someone that did get the update prompt and it is the same version number.

      • It doesn’t. Its only good for determining general location and its not very accurate then. It becomes useless when in motion so no navigation.  Asus opening admitted today  that GPS is flawed due the material and desig of the shell. They have removed it from the specification list for the Prime on their website and stated they would no longer market it as a feature.

  2. These very updates improved the touch smooth function of my ASUS Prime to the point that the touch function no longer works AND the tablet boots to a locked screen showing gears and an exclamation point.  Time to return this device for refund, I think!


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