I would bet that you have heard talk about the cool Asus Eee Pad Transformer. This is the little Android tablet that has a slate section that can be docked with a keyboard dock that makes the tablet into a little netbook style device. We already knew that the Transformer was going to be hitting stores around North America on April 26. Today is the day for this thing to launch and Asus has a site up that list all the places you can buy the tablet.

The big catch right now is that with Asus warning that stocks would be low at launch most of the places listed to buy the Transformer from are already out of stock on the tablet. Asus lists 24 different retail outlets including online and brick and mortar firms that are selling the Transformer. The big names from the list include Amazon, BestBuy.com, BJ’s, Buy.com, Fry’s, Newegg, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Target, Sears, and TigerDirect. There are a number of other stores as well and you can hit the source link at the bottom of the page and then the Buy Now link to see all of the locations.

If you somehow missed this tablet before with the coverage we have already offered, the Transformer is a 10.1-inch tablet. It runs Android 3.0 and the screen is an IPS capacitive touch unit with WSVGA resolution. It has the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Mobile processor inside and has a full QWERTY keyboard docking station that is optional. The battery is good for up to 9.5 hours alone or 16 hours with the docking station.

[via Asus]


  1. This is bogus. I was up since midnight EST checking about 8 or so of the online retailers and it has not even been listed on any of the sites at all, so it couldn’t have sold out…it was never even available!

  2. Darren’s comment is correct. The EEE is not listed on any site that I could find either. How do you sell out something that is not listed?

  3. All broken links, out of stock (at BJ’s), or “this item is no longer for sale.” If this is some clown’s idea of stoking demand by launching before stock exists, I don’t think it’s going to turn out well.

  4. This is a bogus article! It is not yet sold out because it doesn’t even launch until midnight tonight. You can’t find it at any of the stores (online or brick & mortar) because it isn’t available yet. See the official ASUS Facebook page (which includes a countdown timer to launch and all official pricing). This is terrible reporting by this site!

  5. I Just called 10 different local stores, non of them had it or have it. Bestbuy (2 of them) Walmart (4 of them) Target (2 of them) Office Depot (1) Staples (1)

    Not one of them have had or have the tablet in their inventory.

    • I did the same and the sales reps don’t even knew what I was talking about. It’s a lame launch by asus. Maybe just to keep the eager customers wondering what is going on while the really launch it three or four weeks later…

  6. They had 100 at 3 AM! What job do you guys have that lets you stay up all night and drag ass at work the next day because a damn tablet came out?!

  7. I called this launch BS! They are not sold out. They are just not available at all. The order pages on the retailer sites should say “out of stock”, not “pre-order”, if it was available. Amazon doesn’t even have an order page, just a page linking to resellers, (who sell them for $579). Plus almost all sales associates at retail stores have never heard of the Asus Transformer? I say Asus lied about the launch.

    • Actually, they are available – just in limited quantities it seems. I ordered mine last week when they were in stock at Newegg.com (they were in stock for only a matter of minutes!!). My order arrives tomorrow.

      I highly doubt that you will find this in the brick and mortar stores until the stock stabilizes a bit; your best bet is to keep checking online.

      I wasn’t at all surprised about the limited availability as I had read about the same thing happening with the UK launch.

      I’ve checked a number of sites today and each one had the Transformer available but they were sold out with-in minutes.

  8. I missed the live stock and had it in my cart for preorder….they offered 6 months no interest on a an amazon credit card so i jumped on it …got accepted…got back to my cart and they had pulled it from preorder and changed its status to save for later…..i wonder if they will still be pushing the credit card promo when it comes back…the no interest offer no longer appears when i go to my cart…eeek eeepad

  9. The amazon page has changed. Earlier this morning they had the 16 GB model saying it sold out and the 32 saying it wasn’t released yet but taking pre-orders for $499. I pre-ordered it and it is in my orders on Amazon saying “Not yet shipped
    We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.”

  10. Spent two hours looking through all sorts of pages and links this morning and was able to buy it on BestBuy.com my return e-mail said it was expected to be in around May 12 got an e-mail 6 hours later telling me it will be in to pickup on Friday. Missed out on finding the dock amazon will send that to me once they get one.

  11. I heard that Asus will be offering the keyboard dock at a cheaper rate for those that wanted it at launch but couldn’t since it was sold out. There’s no doubt some proof of purchase hoops to go through but it seems like they’re trying to be fair at least. Can’t wait to see some user reviews now that it’s out there.

  12. Asus is full of it. I was up all night and couldn’find it online anywhere. I hate bullshyte sales gimmicks. Just release the damn thing straight up and cut the crap.

  13. OK. Asus, I was really looking forward to this tablet/netbook. I waited about 4 month for this to come out and didn’t buy anything else because it looked promising. NOW I’m super mad at Asus that you think you can fool around with your customers. It’s sold out everywhere. Thanks a lot, I’m gonna go with the acer version now. That’s bullcrap. Next time think twice about it when you bring out a new device. Adieu

    • I was lucky to buy one (16GB) in Canada from Staples.ca on April 26th. At first the website said it was sold out, but I kept refreshing the site until I saw that I could add one to my cart. It arrived at my house the next day. 🙂
      They did not have the keyboard for sale.

  14. Have had this for a bit over a month now …. and it does not disappoint. Incredible machine for the money and a great machine within itself. Not as silky smooth responsive as iPad, but this seems to be a Honeycomb issue and after a few more updates it might be close to perfect. It’s silly not to get the keyboard dock with it. Even if you don’t use the keyboard very much the dock provides for terrific upcharging and lots of memory expansion. You can get the tablet with the dock and a 32GB micro SD card and you end up paying the same as a 32GB iPad2 but come away with an additional 16GB of memory and an awesome docking station and keyboard.  


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