The Asphalt racing game series is a very popular game with smartphone gamers, mainly because of the gorgeous graphics and the smooth gameplay. Now French game developers Gameloft are putting out Asphalt Nitro, the successor to Asphalt 8 – only available via the old Gameloft app store, only 15 megabytes in size, and at a discounted launch price point.


Your eyes did not deceive you, the game is really only 15MB in total (14.46MB to be exact). That size will be much more fantastic and amazing once you take a look at the beautiful trailer video below, showing you what’s possible to do with just 15MB of game.

As you can see, this is still a nice 3D racing game, complete with lighting effects, dynamic shadows, and reflections – much like what you would expect from a premium game. The trick is that Gameloft is able to deliver good gaming in only 15MB of payload.


The game is available right now at a discounted price of EUR1.99 – that’s around USD$2.25 – while it’s still pretty near the launch period. The standard pricing is around USD$4.50. If you’re interested, pick it up at the Gameloft app store.

DOWNLOAD: Gameloft