AppTap has been around for a while now as an app discovery platform for Android and iOS devices. AppTap has now added a new service for app developers that want to promote their apps. The new service is called AppTap Ads. It is a self-service ad network that allows the dev to promote their app to millions of app consumers on a network of leading websites. AppTap also launched its app recommendations page on AOL’s Unofficial Apple Weblog page.

“We launched AppTap Ads to help app developers struggling to rise above the noise of the cluttered app stores,” said Matt Callaway, CEO of AppTap. “AppTap’s mission is to help apps get discovered. Our app discovery platform helps consumers and web publishers find relevant apps; and now, with AppTap Ads, we’re leveraging the reach of our app discovery platform to help app developers get their apps noticed.” The apps are advertised on several large Android websites, but it seems that most of the network is iOS related right now.

AppTap will also be powering app discovery on Sprint for Android users. AppTap Ads gives developers an easy to use ad buying and campaign reporting tool that allows the purchase and tracking of targeted ads across the internet. As a consumer, I am not a huge fan of ads, but I can see the value of something like this for developers trying to get their app into mainstream use.