If you’re the type of mobile user who is always on the lookout for new apps to install in your smartphone (and if you have a lot of space on your device), then the AppSales app is something that you should have installed there as well. From the name itself, it tells you which apps are on sale, and now with the latest update, it will tell you which premium apps are free for a limited time only.

The app now has a “Now Free” section that lists apps that are usually paid but have suddenly become free, but only for a limited time of course. Sometimes developers don’t set a duration for their special offer, so this is a section in the app that you might want to pay attention to. The update also brings improved data loading as well as error handling, and even minor changes to the UI but they’re too small you probably won’t notice anyway.

With the addition of “Now Free”, the app now has five different main sections, almost all of which will be useful for the app hoarder and hunter. The “Highlights” section is a selection of the best app deals from the last 24 hours, including in-app purchase sales, voucher codes, and general announcements as well while “Latest Sales” is an unfiltered list of the most recent ones. “Watchlist” shows your own personal list of apps that you want to keep an eye on while “Watchlist Charts” shows you what apps are popular in the community,

Version 5.6 of AppSales also brings the usual bug fixes and improvements. You can update the app from its Google Play page or just download it if you don’t have it yet.

SOURCE: AppSales