The court cases seem to be siding with Samsung as of late. We recently commented as Apple lost in their effort to overturn the Galaxy Nexus sales ban. Basically, at this point the fights between Samsung and Apple just happen to be part of the norm in the tech world. The thing is, it seems that this may not have ever happened had someone else been in charge at Apple.

This latest round of details are coming by way of Reuters, who are reporting based on people familiar with the matter. The main point here, it seems Tim Cook was opposed to suing Samsung. His reasoning is said to be due to the relationship that Apple and Samsung have in terms of parts. Samsung actually plays a rather big role in terms of the iPad and iPhone and Apple purchased around $8 billion in parts last year.

The interesting part here, while we see many Android and iOS users taking sides and seemingly drawing lines, the two companies are not that heated. It is said that “the business reality is that the temperature isn’t that high” and basically, it is the users playing this up because “it shows a kind of drama.”

Nonetheless, there are some issues between the two companies. In fact, it is looking like Apple may be switching to TSMC when it comes to processors. The memory on the other hand, analyst reports have shown that Apple may not be able to replace Samsung given their current dominance in that area.

In hind site, some of this actually makes quite a bit of sense. For one, many are familiar with the stance that Steve Jobs took, the whole “thermonuclear” war bit and all. Tim Cook on the other hand seems to take a different approach and has been known to comment about how competition is good because it can make everyone better. All said and done, we are a bit curious as to how things between Apple and Samsung would be had the lawsuits never begun.

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