It was pretty logical for Apple to hire some Android app developers, as there would probably a need pretty soon to get their iOS-centered apps on the Android platform. The first such app was also a logical one, the “Move to iOS” app that attempts to help an Android user move all his smartphone details from his Android device to an iOS device. But if the reason behind it is somewhat logical, Google Play Store ratings are not showing that at all.

The Move to iOS app is being rated poorly by Google Play users. Of the over 1,700 people who chose to give ratings for the app, over 1,300 chose to give it a one star rating, the lowest you can give for an app. More than 300 users gave it a 5 star rating, around 50 users gave it middling ratings.


In the app’s defense, some low ratings are given just because of an Android bias, and not as a rating of the app’s usefulness. People would ask questions like “Why would I want to move to iOS?” – but that doesn’t necessarily say whether the app functions well or not. Some people give low ratings because the app chooses to incorporate iOS aesthetics rather than Android’s material design.

But then there are users who rate it low because they’ve had bad experiences moving their data from their Android device to an iOS one. Looks like Apple is going to have to up its game if it wants its next few Android apps to be well received. But just in case you were looking for an app like this, Apple is here to tell you that it does exist.

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