When you think of what apps Appfour has created for Android Wear smartwatches, you’ll probably do a double-take. On their catalog are apps you wouldn’t even think of using on your wrist-bound smartwatch – a browser, a Gmail client, a YouTube Player, even a PDF viewer. So it follows reason that they won’t give a second thought to giving your smartwatch a video player and gallery. Because you might just feel the need to watch videos on the round screen on your wrist. For real.

Video Gallery for Android Wear is a legit app – well, legit in the sense that it actually got made and is now available for download via the Google Play Store. What we don’t get is the reason for the app, or why Appfour thinks this is going to catch on. Is it because you’re just too lazy to take your phone out of your pocket and watch said video there? Or you have a thing for small round screens and watching video content on them?

All these arguments aside, you can’t say that the app does not work – in fact, it does what it says it will do pretty well. Video Gallery for Android Wear can play videos from different folders on the phone your Android Wear device is synced to. The gallery part organizes the files by month to give some sort of order in the sorting. The player has pause and volume controls, and an option to delete a video.


If you want that kind of complexity in your life, or maybe you just want to be able to do that should you choose to, the app is available at the download link below for your Android Wear smartwatch. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store