We’re curious to know how patent trolls work. Actually, there is no point but it’s kind of difficult to swallow especially if there is really no valid point or reason for a case. Austin Meyer, a developer of the Android app X-Plane, was sued a few years ago not for his app but for simply using the Google Play Store. Back in 2012, he was slapped with a lawsuit from Uniloc who said that a similar idea of an app market was patented by Uniloc. The actual case here is not against the developer but against the company that uses Google Play. Austin Meyer is just one entity and he’s certain that there shouldn’t be a case.

Uniloc patenting the app market idea is definitely questionable so why a lawsuit? A simple investigation by Meyer led to the discovery that the lawyer representing the patent trolls is Bo Davis. Who is Bo and what makes him special? Well, he’s only the son of Leonard Davis, the same judge in the district where this lawsuit and other similar ones were filed. The prosecuting lawyer having a direct relationship with the judge is something questionable although we still believe in the system.

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Meyer published a video on YouTube to inform everyone of what he learned. He says it’s not really a public awareness campaign because there’s really nothing he can do but at least we now know that this is happening especially in a small town in East Texas were the Father and Son tandem is hard at work.

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There is obviously an abuse here. Meyer’s case has been going on for four years already. Uniloc isn’t suing Google but the smaller guys who just listed the app on the Play Store. It could be a scam because only the smaller companies are being sued. This way, these groups who couldn’t afford would only choose to settle. No matter how much, there will still be money involved and the firm representing them, Bo Davis’ firm will earn.

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

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SOURCE: Austin Meyer