Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6, is rumored to be coming out from under its covers at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona roughly a month from now. And from today until that time, we expect a torrent of leaks, fake leaks, great leaks and all other kinds of leaks in between about the Galaxy S6 to make its way to the public eye. These images are just an example – two sketches out of Korea purportedly of Samsung’s new baby.

According to these diagrams, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will reportedly be 143.30mm x 70.81mm x 6.91mm. In comparison, its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S5 measures 142mm x 72.5mm x 8.1 mm. So if these be true, the Galaxy S6 will be just a tad bit longer than the S5, but will surely be slimmer sideways, and thinner in form at 6.91mm.

We’ve had a couple of rough sketches leak out as well recently, and the numbers are a bit off, so we don’t really know which is which at this point, or if the sketches point to two different variants of the same model. The earlier sketches give these numbers – 143.52mm in length, 70.70mm wide, and a thickness of 7.19mm. They’re almost the same, just a little bit off by a millimeter or so here and there.


Again, expect this avalanche of information to continue. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be one of the hottest new toys on display at MWC in March, and we’re hearing that there will probably be two initial variants to be launched.

VIA: Phone Arena