AndyPad is a new British Manufacturer who’s upcoming tablets are aimed the lowest price bracket. Specs and pricing have been rumored and all but confirmed over the past months, and now AndyPad’s official website have confirmed those rumors. As some of the cheapest tablets these are clearly some of the least attractive ones we’ve seen, but for the price you may find them worth it.

Not to long ago we reported on a hands-on that gave us an idea of the performance these two tablets will be giving. Both the AndyPad and AndyPad Pro are now confirmed to be sporting a 1.2 GHz single core processor. They will both be running Android 2.3 with WiFi but the screen is the big difference between the two.

At 129 British pounds, roughly $210, the AndyPad is a far cry from the Android tablets we’re used to. With a resistive touch screen, incapable of multi-touch, at a resolution of 800×480 the AndyPad is obviously as cheap as it is due to the parts it uses. The AndyPad Pro will cost 179 pounds, or $292, and for that extra 50 pounds, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck. With a 1024×600 resolution capacitive screen, Bluetooth and a rear camera make it a lot closer to what you’d expect in 7″ tablets such as the HTC Flyer or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Now that the pricing and specs are official and the AndyPads are almost a month away. As of now it is only officially launching in Great Britain. We’ll have to see if giving up the performance for the lower price proves popular enough in the British market for it reach the rest of the world.