Your smartphone is probably the last computing device you’ll ever need, you just don’t know it yet. A lot of people and companies have certainly tried to make your smartphone be the last computing device you’ll ever carry around, but Andromium realizes correctly that you need a bigger screen and a full-sized keyboard from time to time. The outfit’s crowdfunding campaign for the “Superbook” just hit over 5 times its crowdfunding goal in half a day, making it one of the hottest crowdfunding campaigns to date.

So what is Superbook? It’s actually an “accessory” for your Android smartphone, if you want to call it that, but in the shape of a small-ish laptop. Plug in your smartphone to the Superbook and it launches an app that gives you all the laptop features you need, using your phone’s connectivity and processing power. So it goes to follow that the more robust your phone’s specs are, the better the Superbook will run.

You connect your phone (must be USB OTG capable) via a cable, and the Andromium app takes care of everything. You are greeted with a Windows-style interface on the screen, but it’s undeniably Android. You can run Microsoft’s Office suite for your documents, play Android games, or run just about any app that your phone can run. And the files you need should be all in your smartphone, yes?


Of course, we still have questions as to how well the converted laptop interface can be handle our work apps and if the processing power is enough to handle true work pacing (multi-tab browsing, image editing, word processing, etc.). But if it can handle it well, this maybe every road warrior’s dream. Check out the Kickstarter campaign via the source link.

SOURCE: Kickstarter