Well, it looks like the little green robot gets around. Our best friend here at AC, the Android Mascot has done it again. This time it is in the form of a dancing robot. I must say though, watch the full video as this Android has some mad skillz. Dances in sync with the beat and everything. Not to mention having those moves while in a suit can’t be easy. This might remind you guys of the Giorgio Armani Android hitting the Catwalk.

Like I said, Android gets around. Not only does everyone either have or want one, but I also have a few more stories for you about how much he really does go everywhere. From Amsterdam to Sydney and everywhere in-between. Check out the Android Mascot Roaming Sydney, then Andy showing how strong he is when he smashes a car in Amsterdam.

This Andy has some dancing skills. I think we should send him on Dancing with the Stars because he would most likely win in that same Android fashion we are all used to. I don’t really know what else to say about this video clip, maybe he ate to many gingerbread cookies, or got extra energy after he ate some apples and berries. Enough of that, feel free to post your own comments below. I’d love to see what goofy titles you all come up with for this video.