The brand newest version of Androidify is out and it’s hairtastic! Last time we spoke about this app it was back in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2011. We were hanging out in the Google Pod [take a peek at that here]. Now there’s a bit of an update out there for you, again for free, this one containing a few unnamed bug fixes and a whole lock of additional hairs for your Android avatar’s head.

Now the hair additions are what they’re calling “female hair” but you know and I know that any self-respecting hippie this side of the midwest would love to have blaster hair like the likes seen in this new set. Thusly, you must update. To grab the new update, if you’ve not got the app set to update automatically, head over to the Androidify app in the Android Market and hit the update button.

[vms 75a74e01c8a20e8a0f66]

This newest version was uploaded yesterday (March 18, 2011) and is version 1.01 – Take a peek at the video demo here! And yes, feel free to submit your own Androidify avatar to the [ANDROIDIFY YOURSELF NOOOW] thread in the discussion forums!